Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Grrr!! Why?! ;D

Ok, can you see what my banner looks like there?! Can you see it?! It's lovely -- I love the pinwheel photo. But why is it WAY OVER like that?! Ugh! Sotrustrating. :(
Edit: I seem to have muddled and fixed it a bit. I think I did ok!

I've been viewing a lot of blogs through SITS, and some of them are just so beautiful! And I want my blog to beautiful too ... not plain like it is. So, help with formatting would be very nice ... anyone? Please?
More Edit!: I found ShabbyBlogs via Farmgirl Paints (thankyoo!) and found a nice background. I am pleased. ^^ Now, I just need to tidy up formatting, and that! I may need help with! ;D

... and while we're here, I guess I could explain. Why. I chose to call my blog "From Another Angle" It's quite simple really: I couldn't think of anything else! Haha, true story! I'm pretty indecisive about things -- well, everything. And I also like the song "Sensitive" by Jewel ...

Maybe if we are surrounded in beauty,
Someday we will become what we see.
'Cause anyone can start a conflict,
It's harder yet to disregard it.
I'd rather see the world from another angle;
We are everyday angels.
Be careful with me 'cause I'd like to stay that way.

It's a really sweet song, and I like to think of myself as that innocent person, that sees things from a different perspective, and tries to see the good in all things, that she sings about in the song.

Anyway, yes, any help, advice, whatever you've got to make my blog more awesometastic, is appreciated! Please and thank you!

And as for myself, I am going to go do some heavy duty reading over at David's Blog to get some insight on my own 100 Thing Challenge! I'll share my good finds!

Oh, and have you noticed? I looove using exclamation marks! If you knew me in person, you'd think I was an exclamation mark!

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