Saturday, July 11, 2009

Introducing Sherlock and Watson!

Meet Sherlock and Watson ...

These adorable little fuzzballs have been calling the terrarium in my basement apartment bedroom home now for just under one month. Since June 18th, to be exact!

Sherlock is the tan one, and also the more feisty of the two. I'm pretty sure he's drawn blood from my fingers more than any other animals I've had ... combined, hands down. And I am sure there will be more (minor) bloodshed before he's completely tamed. (I did actually manage to hold him two days ago! I was very impressed!)

This little dark gray chubster is Watson! He's definitely the more docile of the two. I can manage to hold him on occasion, but he's got this idea in his head that I am a tasty snack! (He has the best of intentions; Sherlock, not so much. His aim: hurt!)

You can expect more pictures and posts from Sherlock and Watson in the future! So keep reading!

And! While you're at it! Please play with my Blog Fish! (They're at the bottom of the right column!) Sure, they're just virtual fish, but they are always hungry!

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